Drawing a Line Through Landscape
Artist Nikhil Chopra

Performance, installation, costumes, props, fabric, drawings, videos. Commissioned by documenta 14.

Project commissioned by documenta 14 and supported by Piramal Art Foundation, Payal, and Anurag Khanna, Galleria Continua and Chatterjee & Lal. Collaborations Performance interventions in: Sofia by Ivo Ivan, Gorna Lipnitsa by Madhavi Gore and Jana Prepeluh, Budapest by Ivan Angelus and the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. Costume Design: Loise Braganza. Set Design: Aradhana Seth. Film: Sophie Winqvist. Song Writer: Gautam Sharma. Music: Ranjit Arapurkal. Driver: Stephen Frick. Documentation: Madhavi Gore. Project Assistant: Shaira Sequeira. Photo Ela Bialkowska, OKNO Studio