Drawing a Line Through Landscape
Nikhil Chopra

Performance, installation, costumes, props, fabric, drawings, videos. Commissioned by documenta 14.

In Drawing a Line Through Landscape Nikhil Chopra sets forth to traverse nearly 2500 kilometres between Athens and Kassel: This itinerant journey remains enmeshed in the trails of nomadism centuries old and migratory passages that are still being carved out. His tent is a temporary studio and domicile, reminiscent of travelling theatres where improvisational encounters unfold in communal relation. The artist serenades cities and towns he enters into as a lover does, transitioning through states of exuberance, intoxication, rejection and fatigue. Eventually the zigzagging route is not simply a South-North or East-West binary movement but rather a complex microcosm of dispersed selfhood, abandonment, economic austerity, and territorial violence in today’s Europe.