Born: 24 of March 1977, Stockholm, Sweden
Languages: Swedish, English, Danish, French, Spanish and some Hindi
Member of the Danish & Swedish Associations of Cinematographers DFF, FSF

Agent: The Talent Group
Susanna Rönn,, +46 708 500 284
I am telling you stories. Trust me.

Sophie Winqvist Loggins has an absolute pitch for images. Her imagery spans visual excess and pure simplicity and is characterized by an outstanding sense of colour, rhythm and humour. In her work, Winqvist Loggins makes the well known uncertain and charges the insignificant with meaning. She conveys far more than is contained in the individual frames.
An extraordinary curiosity and appetite for images is channeled through her camera to a both daring and elegant aesthetics. Texture and temperature emerge from the images and moves straight into the viewer - soft fur and tense muscles in a dog´s movement, the cold when numb fingers meet with metal on a freezing winter’s night.
Sophie Winqvist Loggins is a Swedish cinematographer living in Österlen, Copenhagen and Bombay. She has also lived in France, Cuba, the USA and speaks several languages. Apart from attending the internationally renowned National Film School of Denmark, she has a university degree in art history and has studied gender and postcolonial theories. Her first feature film was a commercial Bollywood horror flick, which is something that few – if any – western women directors of photography have taken on. Her second feature was a Swedish sc-fi shot on location. The diverse background is reflected in her work on many levels. She says she uses her camera to hold on to the spirit of childhood games and fantasies. Play knows no boundaries and she moves effortlessly between documentaries, stills, commercials and feature films. Genre lacks importance when you’re inside a story.

Ylva Hillström, Curator, Moderna Museet


Steadicam Workshop with Garrett Brown
and Jerry Holway

Peter Hoffman Aps, Kronborg castle.

2009    The National Film School of Denmark
Cinematography, 4 years, 2005-09.

2008    Mentor Anthony Dod Mantle, ASC, BSC, DFF
Mentor on graduation film, 2008 and continued.

2005    Internship with DOP Binod Pradhan
Bollywood, Mumbai, India, 2004-05.

2004    The Film School of Stockholm
1,5 years, 2003-04.

2003    University of Stockholm
Undergraduate in the History of Art, 1998-03.

2002    University of Havana
Studies in Spanish Language and
Latin-American History of Film, Cuba, 2002.

1998    University of Rennes II
Studies in French Language, France, 1997-98.

Prizes and Nominations

2016    Sapporo International Short Film Festival award best photo

   Uppsala kortfilmfestival award best photo

   Grammis nomination best music promo
Silvana Imam, Zon

2015    SXSW nomination best short

2014    Robert nomination best short

   Stockholm International Film Festival 1 km film
Hot Chicks

2013    Robert award best short fiction

2012    ASFF nomination best music video
Jenny Wilson, Lost reels: Bad Waters

   Nordic Panorama, Honorary Mention
Best Nordic Short Film


2010    Robert nomination best short fiction
Her bor Jensen

   Camerimage nomination Best Student film
Den Fremmede

Seminars and other projects

2014    GoKinema Open Set
director: Philippe Rousselot ASC AFC,
Rock, Paper, Scissors, short fiction.

2013    Illustrations for DOX 100
Still photographer

2011    IMAGO Master Class, Lajos Koltai
The National Film School of Denmark Continued Education.

2010    Peter Deming Seminar
moderator, two-day seminar,
The National Film School of Denmark Continued Education.

2005    Blue Village
Still photography project, Thailand.

2004    Man Ray exhibition
Assisting curator for photography,
production of Man Ray exhibition, Moderna Museet.

   Assistant to director Lars Nittve
Moderna museet, 2003-04.

   Assistant to still photographers
Magnus Reed, Walter Hirsch and Pär Lundberg, 1999-04.

2002    SATA
Still photography project, Havana, Cuba.

1997    The Festival of Strindberg in Stockholm
Assistant in production.

   Kulturmäklarna AB
Assistant in production, 1996-97.

Commercial Film

2018    Socialdemokraterna
cinematographer, director: Tommy & Christian,
commercial film, Acne

cinematographer, director: Anders Abrahamsson,
commercial film, House Agency

2017    Elgiganten
cinematographer, director: Leo Dal,
commercial film, House Agency

cinematographer, director: Oskar Gullstrand,
commercial film, Naive

2016    Rusta
cinematographer, director: Åsa Riton,
commercial film, Camp David.

cinematographer, director: Åsa Riton,
commercial film, Camp David.

2015    Frödinge
cinematographer, director: Andrea Eckerbom,
commercial film, Keft.

2014    EF
cinematographer, director: Åsa Riton & Johan Skog,
commercial film, Camp David.

2013    HSBC
second unit cinematographer, director: Traktor,
commercial film, JWT.

2012    TRESemmé
cinematographer, director: Sanjay Rodrigues,
commercial film, 7 films.

2011    Index:Award
cinematographer, director: Søren Balle,
commercial film, Index:Award.

cinematographer, director: Christina Christensen,
commercial film, Aller Media.

2010    Kør grønt
cinematographer, director: Jonas Elmer,
commercial film, Roadmap institute.

2009    Iq
second unit cinematographer, director: Emil Möller,
commercial, FLX, Forsman Bodenfors, 2009.

   Your last piece of perfection
cinematographer, director: Søren Balle,
commercial graduation film,
The National Film School of Denmark.

Music Video and Concert Film

2015    Silvana Imam - Zon
cinematographer, director: Joanna Nordahl,
music video, Indio.

   Silvana Imam - Tänd alla ljus
cinematographer, director: Joanna Nordahl,
music video, Indio.

   Seynabo Sey - Pretend
cinematographer, director: Sheila Johansson,
music video, New Land.

2013    Ola - Tonight I'm Yours
cinematographer, director: Åsa Riton,
music video, Oliniho Records.

2012    Jenny Wilson - Lost reels: Bad Waters
cinematographer, director: Sophie Winqvist and Jacob Bitsch,
music video, Gold Medal Recordings.

2011    Tina Dickow - True North
director of photography, director: Benjamin Hesselholdt and Karl Bjerre
Skibsted, concert film, DR.

2010    Hvor langt skal vi ud - Holbek
cinematographer, director: Søren Balle,
music video, Steen Holbek, Mick Øgendahl.

2009    Hotel Pro Forma - Tomorrow in a year
cinematographer, director: Søren Balle,
documentation, Hotel Pro Forma and The Knife.

2008    The Knife - Projections
cinematographer, director: Åsa Riton,
concert film, Åsa Riton and The Knife.

2007    Geiser Sheik - Puttegøj
cinematographer, director: Søren Fruergaard,
music video, Geiser Sheik.

   Hess is more - Would you like to disco
cinematographer, director: Åsa Riton, music video,
Hess is more.

Fine Art Film

2017    Drawing a line through Landscape
cinematographer, director: Nikhil Chopra,
fine art film, dOCUMENTA (17).

2014    Flokkene
cinematographer, director: Marika Seidler,
fine art film, Nikolaj Kunsthal.

2013    With Horses
cinematographer, director: Marika Seidler,
fine art film, Viborg Kunsthal and Nikolaj Kunsthal.

cinematographer, director: Kristina Kvalvik,
fine art film, Kristina Kvalvik.

2012    The Anatta Experiment
cinematographer, director: Lea Porsager,
fine art film, dOCUMENTA (13).

   Sig altid farvel i tide
cinematographer, director: Lærke Lauta
fine art film, Lærke Lauta.

2011    City Heart
cinematographer, director: Kristina Kvalvik,
fine art film, Kristina Kvalvik.

2010    Boble
cinematographer, director: Tali Razga,
modern dance film, Dansens Hus.

cinematographer, director: Susanne Hangaard,
fine art film, Susanne Hangaard.

2009    Mouth to Ear I
cinematographer, director: Elin Johansson, fine art film,
The Royal Academy of Art Stockholm, Elin Johansson.

Feature Film

2019    Jessica
cinematographer, director: Ninja Thyberg,
feature film, Plattform.

2018    Aniara
cinematographer, director: Pella Kågerman & Hugo Lilja,
feature film, Metafilm.

2013    Aatma
cinematographer, director: Suparn Verma,
feature film, Wide Frame Pictures.

Short Film

2017    Nikita Forever
cinematographer, director: Nikita Rissanen & Victor Lindgren
short fiction, Bautafilm.

2017    Anonyma
cinematographer, director: Zanyar Adami,
short fiction, Adami Film.

2015    Hingsten
cinematographer, director: Ninja Thyberg,
short fiction, Grandslam Films.

cinematographer, director: Zanyar Adami,
short fiction, Adami Film.

2014    Teenland
cinematographer, director: Marie Grahtø Sørensen,
short fiction, Beofilm and Super 16.

cinematographer, director: Sonja Rentdorff &
Masar Sohail, short fiction, Metafilm and Ghost VFX.

2013    Hot Chicks
cinematographer, director: Ninja Thyberg,
short fiction, Silverosa Film.

2012    Versioner
cinematographer, director: Christina Christensen,
short fiction, Super 16.

cinematographer, director: Ask Hasselbalch,
dummy, Nimbus film productions

2011    Tomrum
cinematographer, director: Christina Christensen
short fiction, Super 16.

   Dyret / Creature
cinematographer, director: Malene Choi,
short fiction, Zentropa.

2010    Mausam / Seasons of Love
lighting coordinator, assistant to dop Binod Pradhan,
Director: Pankaj Kapur, feature film, Seasons of Love Films,
Vistaar Religare Film Fund.

   Historisk Dokument
cinematographer, director: Thomas Pors,
short fiction, Upfront Films.

   Her bor Jensen / Jensen lives here
cinematographer, director: Martin Strange,
short fiction, SF Production.

2009    Dyrene
cinematographer, director: Malene Choi,
short fiction pilot, Zentropa.

   Den Fremmede / Odd one out
cinematographer, director: Nuka Wølk Mathiassen,
fiction graduation film,
The National Film School of Denmark.

2008    Allt Flyter
second unit cinematographer, director: Måns Herngren,
feature film, Fladen Film.

   Love no 2
cinematographer, director: Ali Abbasi,
short fiction, Modern Panich.

2007    The Revenge / Hævnen
cinematographer, director: Nuka Wølk Mathiassen,
fiction midway film,
The National Film School of Denmark.

2004    Paro
cinematographer, directors: Anurag Singh and Sophie Winqvist,
short fiction, Modern Panich.

   Dil Jo Bhi Kahey
lighting assistant, director: Romesh Sharma,
feature film, Entertainment One.

   My Love
cinematographer, directors: Jens Daugbjerg and Sandra Wahlberg,
graduation film, The Film School of Stockholm.

Documentary Film

2017    Liv & Horace i Europa
cinematographer, director: Olavi Linna
long format, SVT.

2015    Ouaga Girls
cinematographer, director: Theresa Traore Dahlberg,
long format, Memento Film.

2014    Democrats
additional cinematographer, director: Camilla Nielsson,
long format, Upfront Films.

   Reconstruction of an Erotic Scene
cinematographer, directors: Lea Glob & Mette Carla Albrechtsen,
short docufiction, The National Film School of Denmark Department for Artistic Development.

   The Return
conceptualization, cinematographer, director: Malene Choi,
long format, Adomeit Film.

2012    Joanna Angel
cinematographer, director: Wiktor Ericsson,
documentary pilot, Anagram Films.

   The Avant/Garde Diaries: Andreas Emmenius & Mikkel Hess
cinematographer, director: Åsa Riton,
documentary, Riton film.

   Struck by lightning
cinematographer, director: Camilla Andersen,
documentary pilot, Klassefilm.

   Wild Girls
additional cinematographer, director: Tine Katinka Jensen,
documentary, Bullitt film.

   A Life in Dirty Movies
director: Wiktor Ericsson, documentary, Anagram Films.

additional cinematographer, Dir: Phie Ambo / Danish Documentary

2011    Trashaid
Dir: Malene Nielsen / Lokomotiv Film

   First Mission pilot
Dir: Frida Kempff / Upfront Films

2010    We are all Africans
Dir: Malene Nielsen / Upfront Films

Dir: Åsa Riton / Kolla!

2009    Bolsjefabrikken / The Candy Factory
Dir: Malina Terkelsen / The National Film School of Denmark

Dir: Åsa Riton / Henrik Vibskov & Andreas Emmenius

2007    The Girl and the Pill / Pigen og Pillen
Dir: Malina Terkelsen / The National Film School of Denmark

2006    The Fabulous Amazing Knicker Kittens Burlesque Revue
Dir: Hanne Nielsen / The National Film School of Denmark