My Love
Directors Jens Daugbjerg and Sandra Wahlberg

Short film noir drama, 16 min, shot on 16mm, The Film School of Stockholm, 2004.

A senior enforcement officer, Josef, who spends all his days evicting people finally reaches his limit. The nature of his personality is incompatible with the brutality of his profession; He wants to do good and quits his job. In a freak accident he meets a stranger, Frits, who is hunted and running from something. This mysterious man who seems to posses an almost intuitive understanding of Josef’s emotional state of mind intrigues him. In this stranger Josef sees the chance of finally helping, not harming someone. He promises to help Frits. This commitment also gives Josef the excuse of postponing going home to his wife and the inevitable confrontation that will follow when explaining why he quit his job. As Josef immerses himself in the problems and world of Frits, he becomes more and more obsessed with solving the mystery of who he is and what he is running from. In the end all his good intentions result in disaster.