Den Fremmede / Odd one out
Director Nuka Wølk Mathiassen

Short science fiction, 24 min, shot on 16 mm colour film. Fiction graduation film from The National Film School of Denmark in 2009. The film was nominated for Best Cinematography in the Student Etudes Competition at Camerimage in 2009.

Daniel, an alienated 15 year old boy, runs away from his hometown, and leaves behind his father, and what his father insists on being Daniels sister - Anna - a seemingly 10 year old, odd and curious...girl. 15 years later, Daniels father suddenly has a heart attack and Daniel finds himself on his way back home to his old quarters and old friends that he has long ago walked away from. Further complications arise and Daniel is now faced with the choice of leaving it all again to continue an uncomplicated life, or he can stick to his responsibility and take a stand.