Tina Dickow
True North

Directors Benjamin Hesselholdt and Karl Bjerre Skibsted

Concert film, 63 min, shot on hd, DR UnderholdningsOrkestret, 2011.

Loneliness, restlessness and a search for the great love are often-repeated themes in Danish singer Tina Dickow's songs. But she might be in the process of writing a new chapter in her life? At least this is a question she herself raises in the concert film 'True North'. The film is shot over the course of five concerts in Koncerthuset in 2011, where Tina Dickow together with DR UnderholdningsOrkestret took the audience on a journey through 11 internal and stormy songs, which all move around her musical and personal development. Apart from old songs in new clothes, we are presented with two new songs, the title song 'True North' and the opening song 'They Should See Me'. Between the detailed images and the roaring soundscapes from Koncerthuset, we are given a series of intimate portraits, where the handheld camera follows the country's most popular singer in Denmark and Iceland.